Apr 19,2014
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/scribbles on colors yeah im doen

Apr 19,2014
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Chibi Armin and Crystal!Annie.

Little doodle for the prompt list for AruAni week.

Apr 19,2014
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"I’ve never had a backup plan; there’s no plan B. I got into acting because I love it. It’s my passion, and it’s the only thing I can do."

Apr 19,2014
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Apr 19,2014
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My cat Ellie because she’s better than everyone.
(And because Maria wanted pics.)

Apr 18,2014
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Apr 18,2014
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Apr 18,2014
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[What’s the best way to dismiss someone?] "Be quiet and do better than them."

Apr 18,2014
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Apr 18,2014
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Anonymous said: How do you eat a girl out


I hope you get the gist 

Apr 18,2014
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*teacher voice* pick up at least one piece of trash before you leave the room

*picks up teacher* *slam dunks them in a trashcan*